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About us

Alma Domus is a Property Management
service based in Italy.
Since 2013, our goal is to help you in
making your property management
easier, carefree and more profitable.
How can we do this? By ensuring a
optimised management of your
properties and by facilitating the
landlord-tenant relationship.


Alma Domus’ mission is to help owners
who are willing to safely rent out their
properties. We help you by
securing a safe, profitable rental of your

We also help students
to find a comfortable and functional
accommodation, thus improving their
quality of life and their university

does it work

Alma Domus will sign itself a rent contract
directly with the owner: Alma Domus will then
became a legally responsabile tenant. A clear
sub-lease agreement will be included in the
contract, in order to allow the management of
the property.

Alma Domus will then:
find carefully selected tenant(s) for you,
make the tenant(s) sign a sub-lease contract,
supervise the property management and take
care of all the tipical iusses that may raise.

Find and carefully selects prospect tenants, safely
registers and welcomes the selected tenants,
provides you and the tenants with a legally valid
contract, take care of all the iusses relating to
monthly rent/utility bills.

Make sure every property is perfecty fit to
purpose, takes care of supervising each single
property, optimising interior appeal and resolving
any maintenance issues that may occur, takes care
of both the routine and emergency maintenance.

Searches for and finds already furnished or to be
furnished apartments, searches for and finds ready
to live in or to be refurbished apartments, signs a
regular sub-leasing contract with the owner,
provides prospective tenants with rental
applications that are legally compilant with housing.

Alma Domus
for the owner

Are you willing to maximise the ROI
fo your ungente property?

For you, Alma Domus will:
Perform a background check in order
to carefully choose new tenants.
Guarantee no more unpaid monthly rent.
Guarantee no more estate agency exspenses.
Guarantee no more unrented properties.

Alma Domus also guarantees a careful
compliance with all the bureaucracy
dually related to the renting.


Alma Domus is focused on apartments
located in the Bologna city centre or
within 2 kilometers from the city

We offer on rent both whole
apartments and flat-sharing solutions.

All our apartments are tastefully
, fully equipped and
provided with a very convenient
all-inclusive fee for utility bills.

Alma domus
for the tenants

Are you looking for a room or an
As a prospect tenant, when you register
to Alma Domus you will:
Be entitled to browse through all our
until you find the one that
perfectly suits your needs.
Be provided with a legally valid rent
, registered with your name
on it in order to guarantee total
transparency and protection for you.

Alma domus
for agencies

If you are a real estate agent
and you are willing to offer
an excellent service to your clients
while securing a higher income for
your real estate agency, Alma Domus
is your perfect partner.

Save time, maximise your productivity
and provide your clients with the best
tenants for their apartment: choose
Alma Domus and we will quickly find
and select for you the perfect tenants
for your client’s apartment.

We firmly believe that collaboration
is a crucial tool for our mutual success.

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